Meet our Riders!

Meet Santo,

Santo rides Streamline’s new Brownline route everyday to class at Montana State University. This new route runs daily from Gallatin High School to Downtown Bozeman. Riders can then jump on the Blueline to continue on down to MSU.

Santo says, “The fact that I can get a zero-fare bus from my house to college… it is really the only reason I can go to school here.” Thanks for riding with us Santo!

Meet Tilly, Streamline’s littlest rider!

Today was Tilly’s first time riding the bus! Her and her family have been singing “Wheels on the Bus” for the past few weeks, so they decided to ride the bus today!

We are grateful that Streamline can serve riders of all ages. This zero-fare service Benefits Us All.

Meet Joaquine.

Joaquine rides with Galavan every week to his various medical appointments! He is a delight to have onboard!

Thanks for riding with us Joaquine!

Meet Enrique and Pamela.

They recently rode Streamline’s Purpleline route from Huffine & Harmon Stream to Downtown Bozeman.

Thanks for riding along with us!!

Meet Brendan,

Brenden is one of our awesome Galavan riders. Every day, Galavan takes him to work at Schedulicity where he works as a Software Engineer. We are grateful for riders like Brendan who make Galavan a fun and welcoming environment for all!

Meet Ramona.

She started riding us in February of this year and was so impressed by our Galavan drivers that she dropped off a $100 bill this week because she wanted to treat the drivers to lunch. Today, we picked up Firehouse Subs for all of our Galavan drivers using the money from Ramona’s donation.

Thank you Ramona for being such a thoughtful and generous community member. We love serving you!

Meet Brent.

Brent needed to get his bike fixed today so he rode Streamline. He usually rides the bus during the bad weather days or when his bike has a flat tire. He believes that Streamline is important because it serves the community and helps people get around who don’t have alternative transportation.

Thanks for riding Brent!! We are lucky to have community members like you!

Meet Jaime.

Jaime is one of our awesome customers. He rides on both Galavan and Streamline.

Everyday, we take him from his home in Belgrade to MSU Campus where he is studying Fish and Wildlife Management. We then take him back home after he’s done with class.

We are grateful we have the opportunity to connect our community and help our riders lead a more self-sufficient life.

Meet Austin and Zoey.

Last week Austin and Zoey walked to Walmart to run a quick errand. When they were about to leave, they noticed that Streamline was about to stop at Walmart so they decided to jump on board to avoid having to walk back home!

They believe that Streamline is important for the community because it provides reliable transportation for students and connects students to the Gallatin Valley community.

Meet Emily and Miles. 

Miles is Emily’s service dog. He is as cute as can be and was a great sport during our recent photoshoot. 

Thanks Emily and Miles for riding along with us!

Meet Avery.

Avery is one of our newest Galavan riders! He rides with us once a week to Eagle Mount Bozeman. We recently received the following message from Avery’s mom after Avery’s first Galavan ride: 

“I just wanted to thank you, so much, for everything you and your team did to make today such a special day in our family! Avery is so happy and proud and the experience couldn’t have been better.”

We love serving riders like Avery!