Gallatin Valley Urban Transportation District Vote Successful


The Gallatin County Elections Department has released preliminary results showing that voters approved the creation of the Gallatin Valley Urban Transportation District (GVUTD). This District will be the future home of Streamline and Galavan.

This change will not have any immediate impacts on Streamline and Galavan’s current services or schedules.

The Streamline bus service operates from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m. to  6 p.m. on weekends, and includes four Bozeman routes along with weekday commuter service to Belgrade and seasonal commuter service to Livingston. More schedule and ride-planning information can be found here.

Galavan provides transportation to seniors and people with disabilities or injuries, including many veterans, on a flexible basis in Bozeman, Belgrade, Manhattan and Three Forks. You can learn more about Galavan and how to sign up for the service here.

About the GVUTD

Creating the UTD was needed to ensure that Streamline and Galavan continue to receive the federal transit funds that make up the largest portion of their budgets.

While the Gallatin Valley was formerly viewed as a “rural” area in the eyes of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), it is now considered a “small urban” area. This means FTA funds can no longer go directly to HRDC (a private non-profit) to operate Streamline, and instead must be administered by a local government or by a transportation district. 

The GVUTD will have its own board composed of community members and representatives appointed by elected officials from the City of Belgrade, City of Bozeman, and Gallatin County.  

The transition of governing responsibility from the HRDC Board of Directors to the GVUTD Board of Directors is expected to take two years. In the meantime, riders can expect both Streamline and Galavan service to operate as normal. 

There is no cost to Gallatin County Voters for the creation of the GVUTD.