Streamline’s LateNight bus currently runs Thursdays through Saturdays. This single route combines service from the MSU Campus to downtown and also provides service that connects downtown with many Bozeman neighborhoods. See the map for details.

For questions, please call our LateNight service phone number: (406) 580-2032



ROUTE STOPSTrip 1Trip 2Trip 3Trip 4Trip 5Trip 6Trip 6
MSU Garfield & Paisley Court7:45 PM8:45 PM9:45 PM10:45 PM11:45 PM12:45 AM1:45 AM
MSU Garfield & 15th7:46 PM8:46 PM9:46 PM10:46 PM11:46 PM12:46 AM1:46 AM
MSU South Hedges7:47 PM8:47 PM9:47 PM10:47 PM11:47 PM12:47 AM1:47 AM
11th & Lincoln 7:48 PM8:48 PM9:48 PM10:48 PM11:48 PM12:48 AM1:48 AM
Kagy & 11th7:49 PM8:49 PM9:49 PM10:49 PM11:49 PM12:49 AM1:49 AM
Willson & Kagy7:50 PM8:50 PM9:50 PM10:50 PM11:50 PM12:50 AM1:50 AM
Garfield & Willson7:51 PM8:51 PM9:51 PM10:51 PM11:51 PM12:51 AM1:51 AM
Garfield & 6th7:52 PM8:52 PM9:52 PM10:52 PM11:52 PM12:52 AM1:52 AM
Cleveland & 7th 7:53 PM8:53 PM9:53 PM10:53 PM11:53 PM12:53 AM1:53 AM
8th & Harrison7:54 PM8:54 PM9:54 PM10:54 PM11:54 PM12:54 AM1:54 AM
8th & Koch7:56 PM8:56 PM9:56 PM10:56 PM11:56 PM12:56 AM1:56 AM
Babcock & 7th7:57 PM8:57 PM9:57 PM10:57 PM11:57 PM12:57 AM1:57 AM
Babcock & 3rd (Emerson)7:58 PM8:58 PM9:58 PM10:58 PM11:58 PM12:58 PM1:58 AM
Babcock & Tracy7:59 PM8:59 PM9:59 PM10:59 PM11:59 PM12:59 AM1:59 AM
Babcock & Rouse8:00 PM9:00 PM10:00 PM11:00 PM12:00 AM1:00 AM2:00 AM
Main & Rouse8:04 PM9:04 PM10:04 PM11:04 PM12:04 AM1:04 AM2:04 AM
Main & Black8:05 PM9:05 PM10:05 PM11:05 PM12:05 AM1:05 AM2:05 AM
Main & Willson8:05 PM9:05 PM10:05 PM11:05 PM12:05 AM1:05 AM2:06 AM
Willson & Lamme8:06 PM9:06 PM10:06 PM11:06 PM12:06 AM1:06 AM
Willson & Peach8:07 PM9:07 PM10:07 PM11:07 PM12:07 AM1:07 AM LAST RUN
Tamarack & Tracy (Fairgrounds)8:08 PM9:08 PM10:08 PM11:08 PM12:08 AM1:08 AMIS REVERSED -
Tamarack & 5th8:09 PM9:09 PM10:09 PM11:09 PM12:09 AM1:09 AM
7th & Tamarack8:10 PM9:10 PM10:10 PM11:10 PM12:10 AM1:10 AMHEADS TO
Walmart - Pull-out across street8:11 PM9:11 PM10:11 PM11:11 PM12:11 AM1:11 AMMSU FIRST.
Conoco @ Baxter8:17 PM9:17 PM10:17 PM11:17 PM12:17 AM1:17 AM
Baxter & 19th8:18 PM9:18 PM10:18 PM11:18 PM12:18 AM1:18 AM
Cattail @ City Brew8:19 PM9:19 PM10:19 PM11:19 PM12:19AM1:19 AMDROP OFF ONLY!
27th & Cattail8:20 PM9:20 PM10:20 PM11:20 PM12:20 AM1:20 AM
27th & Catron8:21 PM9:21 PM10:21 PM11:21 PM12:21 AM1:21 AM
Valley Center & 27th8:21 PM9:21 PM10:21 PM11:21 PM12:21 AM1:21 AM
Catron & Valley Center8:22 PM9:22 PM10:22 PM11:22 PM12:22 AM1:22 AM
19th & Baxter8:24 PM9:24 PM10:24 PM11:24 PM12:24 AM1:24 AM
19th & Oak (after stop light)8:26 PM9:26 PM10:26 PM11:26 PM12:26 AM1:26 AM
Durston & 20th (Holiday Gas Station)8:31 PM9:31 PM10:31 PM11:31 PM12:31 AM1:31 AM
Durston & 25th8:31 PM9:31 PM10:31 PM11:31 PM12:31 AM1:31 AM
Durston & 27th8:32 PM9:32 PM10:32 PM11:32 PM12:32 AM1:32 AM
Michael Grove & Durston8:33 PM9:33 PM10:33 PM11:33 PM12:33 AM1:33 AM
Michael Grove & Villard8:34 PM9:34 PM10:34 PM11:34 PM12:34 AM1:34 AM
Michael Grove & Mendenhall8:35 PM9:35 PM10:35 PM11:35 PM12:35 AM1:35 AM
Babcock & N Valley Drive8:36 PM9:36 PM10:36 PM11:36 PM12:36 AM1:36 AM
Babcock & Yellowstone8:37 PM9:37 PM10:37 PM11:37 PM12:37 AM1:37 AM
Yellowstone & Ravalli8:38 PM9:38 PM10:38 PM11:38 PM12:38 AM1:38 AM
Ravalli & Fowler8:39 PM9:39 PM10:39 PM11:39 PM12:39 AM1:39 AM
Fowler & Laredo8:40 PM9:40 PM10:40 PM11:40 PM12:40 AM1:40 AM
Huffine & Harmon Stream8:41 PM9:41 PM10:41 PM11:41 PM12:41 AM1:41 AM
Main Street & Perkins8:42 PM9:42 PM10:42 PM11:42 PM12:42 AM1:42 AM
23rd @ Albertson's8:43 PM9:43 PM10:43 PM11:43 PM12:43 PM1:43 PM
Koch & 19th8:44 PM9:44 PM10:44 PM11:44 PM12:44 AM1:44 AM