Seasonal Bridger Bowl Shuttle Service Update

Due to staffing challenges, Streamline will not be operating its seasonal Bridger Bowl route. First Student will be running the Bridger Bowl seasonal shuttle instead.

As you know, Streamline benefits us all by tying the Gallatin Valley together. We love providing this essential service to our community!
With that being said, we are also not immune from the challenges that exist in our community when it comes to staffing. Like many other business in town, Streamline is experiencing staffing challenges. This means that we can’t provide all of the services that we’d like to, such as 1/2-hour frequency, LateNight, and the Bridger Bowl shuttle.
HOWEVER, we do have some good news. Even though Streamline won’t be able to provide seasonal service to Bridger Bowl this year, First Student has agreed to operate this service instead. That way, you’ll still get zero-fare rides up to the mountain, and the Streamline drivers will be able to operate their normal in-town weekend service. For the full First Student shuttle service schedule to Bridger Bowl, visit the link below.