Meet Your Streamline Bus Driver!


Meet Your Bus Driver! July's Featured Driver is Marvin Persons!

Marvin has been driving for Streamline for 9 years. You may have seen his Jovial face behind the wheel of any of our routes, but he spends most of his time on the Livingston route these days. Livingston is his favorite route to drive, in part because of the passengers “you get to build a relationship with your passengers” and Livingston has “a good mix of students and professionals” commuting to and from Bozeman regularly.

Marvin cares about his passengers, and remembers a passenger from a few years ago (when he was driving Green Line). This passenger was a young woman who was going to school at MSU and she had to use a wheelchair to get around. When she was getting off at the Jackrabbit stop, she had a significant distance to travel on a less than ideal pathway. With her permission, Marvin was able to contact her parents (in England) and encourage them to either move their daughter on campus, or organize a lift equipped vehicle for safer commute. Consequently, that spring Marvin got to meet her parents (visiting from England) as they were arranging the purchase of a used, lift equipped van. Her parents were very grateful that Marvin had reached out and he is happy that he could have been a positive part of her Montana experience.

He also likes the Livingston route because of its schedule. Livingston runs early in the morning (5am-8am) then does not run again until the evening route (4pm to 7pm). Not everyone would like such a significant split in their work day, but Marvin spends the time working on his home, exercising and volunteering with mental health programs and as a CAP mentor for a young boy.

Before driving for streamline, Marvin worked selling pharmaceutical equipment, and traveled a lot. It had its stressful times. Marvin retired 12 years ago, and today he finds Streamline driving a lot less stressful. “As long as I feel good, I want to continue driving (Streamline). My life is a little more balanced now that I am older.” He is also happy with his co-workers and his boss is very easy to work with.

Next time you have business in Livingston (or Bozeman if you are a Livingston resident) consider riding with Marvin for the day!