Meet Your Streamline Bus Driver!


Meet Your Bus Driver! May's Featured Driver is Aaron Ferro!

Meet your Driver: Aaron Ferro

If you have been riding Streamline for the last 5 years, chances are you have seen Aaron Ferro’s Smiling Hawaiian face. He has driven just about every one of our routes and is currently the regular driver of Blue AM M-F. He was also our pioneer driver on the Sunday Route when it got started last year.

We all missed his jovial presence for a few months this winter while he was visiting relatives in Hawaii (his home state). He misses the beach, sand, ocean, and fresh seafood, but going for an extended visit was a nice opportunity to catch his breath and break up the monotony of day to day life in Montana. He keeps coming back because of his family, his children love their school, the friends they have made there and enjoy skiing and snowboarding (they are even trying to get Aaron on a snowboard). When he isn’t driving he is spending quality family time with his wife and kids, feeding ducks at the park, wildlife watching, playing trackball, traveling, and biking.

His one pet peeve is passengers smoking at the stops as the bus pulls up. The smoke wafts into the bus when he pulls up and makes his eyes water. He might get a bit short with these passengers but tries to let it roll off his back as quickly as possible and to apologize to passengers he was grumpy with. He says passengers are mostly forgiving, and often appreciate his frankness. He is always trying to be “light hearted about as much as possible” and to have fun with his job, his passengers, and his day.

His favorite thing about driving for Streamline is the friendships he has made with his coworkers and his passengers. Though he “truly hates” his alarm clock, and it can be hard some mornings to come to work, but, once he is here, behind the wheel, interacting with his regular passengers, and meeting new faces, the morning drudgery is completely forgotten. The conversations, and laughter of the day makes it all worthwhile. He recounted a passenger stating that Aaron had “brought a sense of Peace that warms (his) heart” and that statement left Aaron feeling like he was walking on clouds. “That’s what it feels like to be involved in customer service, providing consideration, respect and common courtesy to passengers” is very fulfilling for Aaron.

Keep your eyes peeled for Aaron Behind the wheel on Streamline’s Late Night Service comercial coming out soon!