Meet Your Streamline Bus Driver!


Pat LaRoche

Meet your driver: Pat LaRoche!

Pat has been driving for Karst Stage for about 13 years and has been primarily driving Streamline for the last two. You are most likely to see him on the Blueline PM route, although he knows and drives just about all of our routes. The thing he likes the most about driving Streamline is the people.

Pat was born and raised in Montana. He is originally from Poplar Montana and grew up on a farm on the Sioux Reservation. They raised cows, chickens, pigs and wheat. He moved to Bozeman about 15 years ago after truck driving for 20 years. Many of his family members are in Montana (sons, daughters, grandchildren etc) as well as California and Australia. He enjoys spending as much time as possible with his grandchildren, as well as hunting, fishing and reading about western history.