Meet Your Streamline Bus Driver!

Willis von Werner

Meet your Driver: Willis von Werner

Driving for Streamline is a great job for current Montana State University students. A good example of this is Willis Von Werner. You might recognize him as the afternoon Yellow/Orange (his most frequent route) driver or you might have seen his face around campus. Willis is currently working on two degrees at MSU, including film (graduating in the spring) and creative writing. In the meantime, he also operates just about any Streamline route (including the Sunday shopping route).

Willis has worked in multiple industries in the last decade, including ranching in Simms, Montana and producing commercials in Los Angeles, California. He moved back to Bozeman two years ago and has been driving Streamline for the last year. About driving Streamline, Willis states, “This is easily the most fulfilling job I’ve had.” He likes being a part of the city and helping it move and function well. He sees public transportation as a vital part of all the cities he has lived in and has been a rider since he was 12.

In addition to school, Willis’s free time revolves around film. If you are trying to figure out what you should watch next (TV or Movies) Willis is the one to ask (right now he is watching Succession on HBO). He is also working on producing a web series he hopes to have ready for next summer about a father reuniting with his estranged daughter in Bozeman.

Be sure to say hi next time you see him.