Campus Shuttle

On Campus Shuttle is a Pilot Project of Streamline and ASMSU.  The shuttle is scheduled to run for the entirety of the Spring 2019 Semester from 7:40am to 5:40pm. Routes will start every twenty minutes (with the exception of breaks – listed below) in the stadium F-lot with the first stop located at the northwest corner of the stadium. The shuttle will then proceed down 11th Avenue stopping at the entrance to the Fieldhouse SB lot and the west end of the Centennial Mall. From 11th the route will turn onto Harrison, stopping in front of Rendezvous Dining Hall before continuing up 8th and across on Cleveland Street, with a stop at the intersection of Cleveland and 7th. Turning up 6th Street before making a right on Grant and heading back to the Stadium F-lot on 7th, the shuttle will make makes stops at the east end of Centennial Mall, the SUB, and the SB lot on 7th. Routes and stops may be changed as demand is accessed throughout the semester.

Stadium Lot (F)
MSU Fieldhouse Lot (SB)
Across from Haynes Hall
Across from Langford Hall
Cleveland & 7th
6th & Garfield
Strand Union Building
7th Across from MSU Police Station

Trips start at the Stadium Lot (F) at the following times:
7:40     8:00      8:20      9:00
9:40    10:00    10:20    10:40    11:00
11:40  12:00    12:20    12:40      1:00
1:40     2:00      2:20      2:40      3:00
3:40     4:00      4:20      4:40      5:00      5:20