In August 2020, Streamline was awarded with a quick action community challenge grant from AARP. The grant money will fund a temporary demonstration that shows the new Streamline stops/routes using door blanks.

Timeline for Project

The doors were placed in the community starting on Thursday, November 5th. The Community Challenge Day took place on Saturday, November 7th!

Doors to Transit Community Challenge Day Instructions

To participate:

1) Find at least FIVE different stops in Bozeman/Belgrade that have a door
2) Take a selfie at each of those stops (door must be shown in each of the five photos)
3) Submit the photos to with a sentence about why you love public transportation. That’s it!

  • FOUR doors are placed on the new Blueline route.
  • FOUR doors are placed on the new Brownline route.
  • THREE doors are placed on the new Purpleline route.
  • TWO doors are placed on the new Pinkline route.
  • TWO doors are placed on the new Goldline route.

The new route maps can be viewed here:

Submissions were due at 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time on Saturday, November 7th.

That’s it! We gave away $100 gift cards to the TEN people who participated!

Why Doors?

The doors will be used as a symbol for opening new opportunities through public transportation. We will specifically emphasize the opportunity transit creates for older adults, those with disabilities, middle and high school aged students, college students, low income individuals, and everyone else in the community to have greater personal, social, and economic independence.

We want to give a huge shoutout to AARP Montana and AARP for awarding us a Community Challenge Quick Action Grant for this project!!

This grant was made possible through an AARP Community Challenge Grant!