Since the beginning, the needs of the people in our community have driven the planning process of a Bozeman transportation system. What’s more, those evolving needs will still guide us as we expand our routes and services. Funding levels, ridership trends, locations of new neighborhoods, roads, facilities and public input will all contribute to shaping our future routes and services.

Although planning for the new line began in 2001, the genesis of the project goes back to a 1986 study by the College of Engineering at Montana State University that analyzed the possibility of a transit system in Bozeman. In 2001, the results of much analysis developed the Greater Bozeman Area Transit Development Plan. Which, laid the foundation for a public bus system and supplied the information needed to request Federal funding for a transit system. Also, as a result of that study, the City of Bozeman created a Transit Task Force, which studied transit systems across Montana and surrounding regions. The task force then created the Feasibility Report: Bozeman Area Transit.

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image descriptionour mission

“To be the provider of mobility services and alternatives to the single occupancy vehicle in southwest Montana.”

Additional studies were conducted until the Cities of Bozeman and Belgrade, along with Gallatin County established the Public Transportation Stakeholders Advisory Board and invested $50,000 for a study to be completed by LSC Transportation Consultants, transportation planning and traffic engineering consultants based in Tahoe City, CA.

The long-term portion of that study is still underway, but the board had the information it needed to begin a transit system in Bozeman utilizing existing resources and buses until the arrival of the signature classic yellow buses.

This is just the beginning, Streamline is committed to serving you over the long term. Changing with your needs, evolving with our community. So, watch this site for updates as we continue to develop. Better yet, take a ride on us and find out for yourself how fast, convenient and reliable traveling can be. The ride is fare free and you’ll be a part of writing the next page in the history of Streamline.

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Ribbon cutting ceremony and official keys to the bus presented by the Director of the MDT, John Lynch to Jeff Rupp of the Human Resources and Development Council in Bozeman. [ 2007 ]

Streamline provides alternative modes of transportation, including the following:

  • Carpooling services
  • Van pools
  • Demand-responsive transportation
  • Fixed-route transportation

Streamline will accomplish its mission by providing services to the following clientele:

  • General public
  • Senior citizens
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Person with low incomes
  • Montana State University students
  • Montana State University faculty and staff
  • Non-driving high school and middle school students
  • Downtown shoppers and workers

Streamline Success

In August 2016 Streamline celebrated 10 years of service!! Streamline Bus recently recieved the Montana Transit System of the Year Award AND was recognized by the Federal Transit Administration for Outstanding Rural Transit Agency! Streamline’s ridership continues to grow beyond expectations. Each year providing over 300,000 rides. Streamline gave its 1 millionth ride on Veteran’s Day 2011 and its 2 millionth ride in February 2015.