See the important subjects in this year’s upcoming schedule and read about highlights and changes to the Orangeline and Redline. We’re increasing efficiency and expanding routes for better connectivity.

Highlights & Changes: Important Subjects in this Year’s Schedule

Half-Hour Service
The Blue, Yellow, Orange and Red Routes have service in addition to the regular hourly service during peak times in the morning and afternoon. These additional services only operate Monday through Friday during the main academic terms at MSU (August 17, 2015 through May 6, 2016). Look for the highlighted columns for each route to see what times these extra routes operate.

The Orangeline has reversed the direction of travel and stop times have been adjusted. The Yellowline times have also been adjusted to better accommodate transfers at MSU. Please see the map and timetable for details.

Stops have been moved off of Annie Street in order to expand the route to Oak Street. Please see the map and timetable for details.

The stops in Belgrade are at Smith and Missoule (Park-n-Ride) and at the Flying J Travel Plaza. Greenline morning to 2:00pm will not make stops along Fallon Street headed West from MSU.

Direction of Travel
Look for the N, E, S, W symbols in the timetables, next to the name of the stop, indicating the direction in which the bus is traveling. The symbols appear on stops that have a pick up on both sides of the road to help distinguish the correct time for the intended stop.

Whistle Stop (Livingston Route)
The buses travel on specific routes, which are shown on the map. Buses stop at designated stops, which are signed along the route, and at ‘whistle stops.’ Whistle stops are for dropping off passengers; the bus will only stop with a passenger request made prior to the stop. Times listed for whistle stops are an estimated time of arrival.

Summer Schedule
The summer bus schedule begins May 9, 2016. Watch for changes to the Half-Hour Frequency Service and the Latenight Routes. Visit streamlinebus.com for the most current information.

Late Transfer Policy
Buses will not wait at Transfer Stations for another bus that is running too far behind schedule (except on the last run). This should keep all other routes on time. We apologize if this causes any inconvenience.

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