Are you good with your video camera or phone camera? Want a chance to win some money by showcasing Streamline Bus? Learn how you can support Streamline and win great cash prizes.

Streamline, the greater Bozeman area’s public transportation system, is having a contest whereby people are encouraged to submit videos that will show people how to ride Streamline and other aspects of the Streamline system. The 1st place videos in each of the following categories will be featured on our website.

How to Ride Streamline
This video will need be general ‘how to ride’ video and it is estimated that the video will be five minutes long. The video will need to include: [1] Where does the bus go (reading the route map and timetable), [2] Getting to a stop (signage and/or shelter), [3] Boarding the bus (there may be multiple buses at a stop, note fare-free), [4] Riding (basic rules), [5] Making a stop request, [6] Exiting the bus, [7] Transfers.

Accessibility Features
This video will need to show how the Streamline buses kneel and deploy the ramp to provide accessibility for people who use a mobility device. This video will also show how wheel chairs are secured in the bus. It is estimated that this video will be two minutes long.

Bikes and Buses
This video will need show how people can extend the reach of the bus routes by biking to and from bus stops. In addition, the video will need to highlight how to put on and take off bikes from the bike racks on the busses (including how to deploy and stow the bike rack). It is estimate that this video will be 1-2 minutes long.

Latenight Routes
Somewhat similar to the ‘How to Ride’ video, this video will need to focus on the late night service offered by Streamline. The video will need to emphasize that the late night service can get people to the movies, jobs, and places in addition to/other than the bars. This video will also need to discuss how to transfer, if necessary. This video is estimate to be 3 minutes long.


The contest is open to everyone. Contestants need to register with Streamline so that they can receive up-to-date information. Register by sending an email to Sunshine Ross at Please provide your name, email address, and which videos (from the four categories above) you plan to submit to the contest. An individual or group can submit up to two videos per category.

While most footage should be shot using existing buses on existing routes and servies, HRDC, Streamline, and Karst Stage will make a Streamline bus available during certain days and times for specific footage or shots (such as deploying a lift or securing a wheelchair).

A panel of 3-5 people will screen the submitted videos for each category and will submit the top 5 videos in each category to the Streamline/Galavan Advisory Board for final vote.

Cash Prizes
How to Ride Streamline: $500 (1st place), $300 (2nd place), $200 (3rd place)
Accessibility Features: $300 (1st place), $200 (2nd place), $100 (3rd place)
Bikes and Buses: $300 (1st place), $200 (2nd place), $100 (3rd place)
Latenight Routes: $300 (1st place), $200 (2nd place), $100 (3rd place)

For consideration, all videos must be submitted by January 30, 2015.

For questions or more information about the video contest, please contact Sunshine Ross at Streamline or call 587-2434.

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